Student Success and Career Report

A Multidimensional View of Yourself

This report, along with the input and guidance of your Maxwell Leadership DISC Constultant, will help you to start now in living a life that matters and beginning to build a life of both success and significance. 

1. Your Communication Style - Each of us has a preferred style of communicating with others. This section will help you understand the style you prefer in communicating and how to better communicate with the styles of others. 

2. Your Values Style - Each of us has ideals we hold tightly, and for good reason, they are important! The Values Style portion of the report will provide you with insight into some of your professional values, which help shape your decisions and drive actions.

3. Your Learning & Thinking Styles - Everyone has their own unique way of thinking and processing information, along with a learning style. This section of the report will help you better understanding your preferred approach to learning and your cognitive thinking style. Understanding these characteristics will help you capitalize on your strengths, continue learning, and remain teachable in life. 

4. Your Strengths & The Careers They Best Serve - This section helps you to see your POWER DISC and your specific intensity levels in 7 areas of influence. You will also learn the career settings that are best compatible to those strengths. 

5. Your Growth Action Plan - This section will help you begin to bring all of the insight of this report together in a direction of growth through intentional action and living. This section also includes Your Personal Image, an analysis that will show you how you respond to pressure and also how you tend to see yourself. 

6. Your Next Steps - The final section of the report will help you to begin to put your insight, growth, and action into some simple and achievable steps forward. It will provide you some options in moving forward in developing your capacity for success and releasing your potential by working with your Maxwell Leadership DISC Certified Consultant. The good news is you do not have to move forward alone! You have help. 

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