Interactive & Engaged!

You want a powerful retreat, workshop, training event, or conference.  Interactive and engaged facilitation is a must in order to effectively meet your objectives.


Our facilitators are conference facilitation experts who understand a broad range of interactive, experiential “best practices” methods that have been drawn from over thirty years of proven, research-based large and small group facilitation.

We understand how to engage your audience and your content with highly effective facilitation methods, formats, and exercises that go far beyond “death by PowerPoint”.

To get you started, here is an initial gallery of possible methods and approaches that our facilitators have used to configure powerful creative retreat and conferences agendas.  Depending on your needs, there may be excellent, innovative ways to engage your audience and your content—differently:

Creative Group Engagement Methods

Break-Out Groups

Break-Out Groups are customized, facilitated small team dialogue exercises on specific real-world issues and opportunities for engagement and resolution.

Open Space

Open Space is a facilitated, innovative group engagement method that helps a group surface key issues, opportunities, and important topics in a LIVE format.

Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry methods engage groups in a positive thinking, “strength finding” planning process to build a desired outcome or future state based on what is working well in an organizational system or team.

Teams focus their action plans based on expanding and building out on “strengths” and positive behaviors that bring energy and life to a complex situation.

The Café Model

The Café Model is a facilitated, highly interactive group engagement process that generates and captures a group’s collective intelligence and key ideas & solutions for an issue that needs positive change.

Strategic Planning

Conference-based Strategic Planning processes are facilitated, “fast track” strategic thinking & planning sessions that involve an initial strategic situation assessment and prioritization of needed responses to the situation.

Project Planning

Retreats and conferences can be excellent venues to launch or build successful project teams or key initiative teams. Our facilitators can provide expert project planning and project management coaching to organize Project Charters, Task Plans, Responsibility Assignments, Project Schedules, and much more.