Reinvigorate Your Team!

Our Leadership Workshops and Retreats are always customized to the needs of your team, and usually, follow a three or four step process to achieve amazing results that your leadership should expect when they gather for an important workshop or retreat.


Today’s leadership teams need time away together to build stronger relationships and focus on important leadership team dynamics, as well as key issues & opportunities for positive change.

Step One - Assessment

Team Needs Assessment

The design and execution of great leadership workshop or retreat begins by understanding real needs.  We will support you to indentify and prioritize your team's needs through one-on-one interviews and/or leader team Focus Groups,

Leadership Assessment

Step Two - Design

Multiple Programs

Interactive Team Challenges & Simulations

Professional Renewal / Executive Health

Customized Break-Out Exercises on Key Issues

Your needs assessment may surface several key issues.

Step Three - Facilitation

Step Four - Follow Up & Sustainment

Action Implementation / Action Teams

Leadership Coaching

Sustaining Leadership Team Development

You want the best experience possible for your top leaders and managers from their workshop or retreat. Our facilitators can help you create and implement an extraordinary experience for your leadership team.

Powerful and Engaging Teambuilding Experiences

Leadership Intelligence and Team Bonding Activities

Leadership and Communication Strengths Assessments

Interactive In-Person and Virtual Training Options